Diamond Solitaire Rings

Delicate, elegant rings set with high-quality diamonds of different shapes and sizes. Each diamond is carefully matched with the setting best suited for it.

Unusual Diamond Rings

Thin diamond rings set in different and unusual ways.
Pretty worn as one ring but when stacked, the different angels create a unique and extraordinary look.

Triangular Profile with Diamond

Thin rings with a triangular profile and a small high-quality diamond set in a variety of ways. The rings stack together gently, with small airy spaces between them.

Eternity Diamonds Rings

Our eternity rings are characterized by a bold setting, creating a gobelin-like ornament.
Each ring has multiple rows of diamonds or a single one, and stacked together they create a wonderful texture.

Parisian Style Rings

Our Parisian style ring has a romantic chic and sparkle. It is like a Delicate net, set with diamonds, sitting very close to the finger.