Rings with Ancient Coins

Rings with a strong presence, sure to draw attention, worn by both men and women. The ring follows the coin's shape to showcase it to the fullest degree.
We've always been fascinated with the magic of ancient objects, ones that are charged with centuries of history.
We choose them carefully, paying close attention to the era, the quality, and the symbols illustrating it. Some of our coins carry Jewish symbols, others symbols of universal meaning, which are common to a range of cultures.
Next, we match each coin with the structure best suited to it.

Kinetic Stainless Steel Rings

A series of extraordinary rings, built like little machines. Made of stainless steel with great precision, they are constructed like bearings and can spin quickly. Some of the rings are set with diamonds, resembling a glittering strip when set in motion.

The steel series was created through the use of advanced technologies like laser cutting and a computer-controlled lathe, as well as sophisticated handcrafting. The steel series is suited for men as well as women.

Wedding Bands

A series of rings of high-quality materials and precise proportions, which will live with you happily ever after.