Eternity Rings

Our eternity rings are characterized by a bold setting, creating a gobelin-like ornament.
Each ring has multiple rows of stones or a single one, and stacked together they create a wonderful, colorful texture.

Triangular Profile Rings

Thin rings with a triangular profile and a small stone set in a variety of ways.
The rings stack together gently, with small airy spaces between them.

Ball Beaded Rings

Our ball beaded rings fit together like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Some are set with diamonds or tiny rubies, adding points of sparkle.

A Ring Bouquet

One of our best-known designs. In this trio of rings, each stone has its particular angle and tilt, allowing them to join into a bouquet of gems.
As in floral bouquets, you're free to choose the colors and the combinations.

Unusual Diamonds Rings

Our take on stacking diamond rings