Perfect Bands

High-quality 18 karat gold wedding rings with precise proportions, which will live with you happily ever after.
Perfect combinations of round and flat, matte with high polish create a comfortable and pleasant ring.

Organic Wedding Rings

Dainty and unique wedding ring for it's uneven outer profile and straight inner profile, which make it very comfortable to wear.

Triangular ”Disrupted”

Our take on our triangular profile wedding rings

Wide Textured Wedding Bands

A wide wedding band with a texture of your choice – from very delicate and minor textures to bold patterns sculpted into the surface.

Wedding Finger Wrapping

Large raw rings with a circular motion, moving along the finger. The expanding structure adjusts to fit your body, making it especially comfortable.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Delicate, elegant rings set with high-quality diamonds of different shapes and sizes. Each diamond is carefully matched with the setting best suited for it.

Side by side

The engagement ring is the first one to go on the finger. We suggest planning ahead and matching the wedding ring to it. The hue of the gold, the height of the ring and its structure are all important for finding the perfect match.