Peacock Pendant

”My mom had the most beautiful Peacock lapel pin in the whole world” - It all start from that point.

Suitcase pendants

A single point of color, packed in a suitcase. The small suitcases hang close to your neck, while the large ones dangle lower.
The pendants can also sit on their own, on the shelf, as if they'd just come back from a journey.

Weight Pendants

We chose 22 karat gold for our weight pendants, for its high density.
It's a small, concentrated pendant, a small object with a satisfying weight to it, keeping it centered on its chain.

Cloud Pendants

For our Cloud pendant, we've selected one precious gem and set it within a small star. The uneven surface of the pendant makes it particularly soft and appealing.

Personal Mark

A collection of exquisite pieces of jewelry that walk the line between the genders and leave room for a broad personal interpretation.