For our cloud earring, we've selected one precious gem and set it within a small star. The uneven surface of the earrings makes them particularly soft and appealing.


The stones in the Gobelin series are set on an uneven surface, giving each stone its own particular angle. The end result is stunning: a glittering surface, like a tapestry of gems.
The earrings are closed with a spring clasp, tucking them close to the earlobe.


Tika are the smallest earrings in our stud collection, measuring only 6 millimeters but fitting a bright and colorful flower made of gems. It will ornament your ear beautifully.


Square Earrings are the classiest earrings in our ”Studs” collection. Flat surface design, measuring 8.5 millimeters in width fitting a bright pave made of diamonds and gems. It will ornament your ear beautifully at day and night.