Large Alexander the Great Greek Coin Ring


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Ancient Hellenistic coin of Greece.
Coinage in the name of Alexander the Great (336-323 BC).
Obv: Head of young Herakles wearing the scalp of the Nemean lion right.
Rev: Zeus enthroned left holding eagle and scepter; surrounding, inscription ‘of king Alexander’.

Finger size: US 10.5 / European 64
Materials: Sterling silver coin and 18k yellow gold bezel.
Bezel diameter: app. 19.9mm.
Height: approx. 5.5mm
Gold band width: app. 5.4mm.
Finish: matte

Finger size: US 7.75 / European 56.5
We strongly suggest trying on rings in the same width to determine your size - with this wide of a band you may need a different ring size than your normal one. If you need a different size please contact us for price and details! We work with half and quarter sizes as well. For other help please use our policies page or contact us in a message.

Hellenistic Era 336-63 BCE.
Alexander the Great ruled from 336-323. He brought together Classical civilisation and the cultures of the Ancient Near east. For example Alexandria, named after him, was the seat of the god Zeus-Serapis, combining the Greek father of the gods with the Egyptian Serapis. The Hellenistic culture was favoured by the priestly classes in the young Hasmonean kingdom and this was the cause of a series of conflicts approaching the dimensions of civil war within the Jewish people.

We hereby certify that this ancient silver drachm was struck between the fourth century BC and the third century BC, and to the best of my knowledge and expertise is a genuine antiquity. We know from archaeological excavations that coins of this type were found in many sites in the Holy Land, attesting to their use here, in the country.

ANCIENT COINS (limited edition):
We've always been fascinated with the magic of ancient objects, ones that are charged with centuries of history. We choose them carefully, paying close attention to the era, the quality, and the symbols illustrating it. Some of our coins carry Jewish symbols, others symbols of universal meaning, which are common to a range of cultures. Next, we match each coin with the structure best suited to it.
Over the years, we've developed a level of expertise with ancient coins, and we're approached from around the globe to design collections with ancient coins using the methods we've developed.