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Please note - all of our jewelry is meticulously handmade. The gemstones we use are all natural - therefore slight changes in color and size may occur


Unusual cufflinks for unusual people. The cufflinks have a fascinating mechanism that is very easy and fun to use.
It's good for a man or for a woman and can be unique and meaningful gift.

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold
Diameter: approx. 13 mm
Finish: matte / high polish (please write a note).

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A Beetle's Story:
In ancient times, the beetle symbolized eternity, a motif of great power and meaning.
The beetle had been with us since our first days as goldsmiths. We started out designing small beetle pins made of gold. Our customers embraced them and they became an object passed between friends, a gift of love hiding in the folds of the garment.

We love the beetle's round shape and perfect symmetry. Over the years it became a trademark of sorts, integrating itself in our logo and other items – cuff links, pendants and earrings. These days, you will find it stamped into the back of every piece.

Those cuff links can be made of 14k / 18k yellow / rose / white gold

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