Pigeon Sicyon Greek Coin Ring


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An ancient Greek coin set in a sculptural ring

18k yellow solid gold, silver coin

Obv: Chimaera standing left.
Rev: Dove flying left.
Bezel diameter: 17.7 mm.
Band width (narrow part): 6 mm.
Finish: matte

Certificate of Authenticity:
Denomination: Hemidrahm.
Mint: Struck in Sycion, Greece.
Date: 4thcent. BCE.

Ring Size
This price is for a ring up to size 9. If you need a bigger size please contact us for the price and details! We strongly suggest trying on rings of the same width to determine your size.

Please note
All of our items are meticulously made in our studio in HaYogev. Manufacturing time takes 10-20 days.