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Please note - all of our jewelry is meticulously handmade. The gemstones we use are all natural - therefore slight changes in color and size may occur


White Gold Cloud Pendant made of 14k / 18k gold and sapphire.

For our cloud pendant, we've selected one precious natural gem and set it within a small star. The uneven surface of the pendant makes it particularly soft and appealing.

Metal: 14k / 18k white solid gold
Cloud diameter: approx. 9 mm (0.35'' inches).
Sapphire parameters: a natural blue sapphire; 0.15 ct.
Finish: Matte / High polish

Whether around the neck, close to the heart, or lower – our pendants always hang close, rocking with us as we move. Their balance point is our balancing point.

Each gemstone can look a little different. There is a range of tones for natural stones.
We will be happy to search for a specific tone and send you a picture of the specific stone we will set, for your request only.

SHIPPING ✦ Each pendant is custom made to order. Please allow us 10-20 days to create it for you.

CHAIN ✦ you can choose from two options: a pendant only OR a pendant with a 45 cm long 1.2 mm wide Rolo chain.
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PAYMENTS PLAN ✦ We offer flexible monthly payments. 1-4 months. Contact us for details.

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