About Berman Designers

Berman Designers is a family business founded 30 years ago. We specialize in jewelry combining gold and gems. Each item is based on our philosophy;
We believe a piece of jewelry should be a concentrated nugget of beauty as well as a collection of carefully selected intelligent solutions. But mostly, it should be about the wearer:
The connection it forms with the body, the meaning it carries, the stories and experiences that attach to it with time. We form a personal dialog with our customers, building a close connection that often spans over years. Our community of clients is loyal and unique, appreciative of details and of the hard work that goes into them.

The studio at HaYogev

Every stage of the process, from the inspiration to the finishing touches, happens at our studio at HaYogev. Every small piece goes through an incredibly complex process before it can reach perfection. We believe every stage of that process should happen in the same small place, under our watchful eyes.
We work in a small workshop, with a seasoned and loyal team of computer software experts, experienced setters and professions goldsmiths. Each one does their part: classical structures with precise proportions, clever mechanisms, delicate hinges, unique clasps, complex setting techniques and finishing touches, passing the object from hand to hand until it is complete and the job is done.
Our materials are a world unto themselves. We work with knowledgeable suppliers from around the world. Every year we feature a collection of stones of rare quality and color.
All these combine to create pieces of rare quality, which hold their relevance through the years and grow with age.

A Beetle's Story

In ancient times, the beetle symbolized eternity, a motif of great power and meaning.

The beetle had been with us since our first days as goldsmiths. We started out designing small beetle pins made of gold. Our customers embraced them and they became an object passed between friends, a gift of love hiding in the folds of the garment.

We love the beetle's round shape and perfect symmetry. Over the years it became a trademark of sorts, integrating itself in our logo and other items – cufflinks, pendants and earrings. These days, you will find it stamped into the back of every piece.